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    Detailed Product Description:
    The Foldable stretcher with outrigger is made of high strength aluminum alloy material and the waterproof leather materials. This foldable stretcher with outrigger can be folded in length and width, easy for transportation and storage. The orange fabric is fire proof, water proof, anti-cracking and easy to clean.Foldable stretcher
    is characterized by its being light weight, portable, reliable quality, easy to carry out and safe to use, etc. Foldable stretcher is mainly used for the hospitals, emergency centers and battle field to carry patients and wounded person.

    Technical Features:
    1) Product size (L x W x H): 208 x 54.5 x 13cm
    2) Folding size (L x W x H): 104 x 17 x 9cm
    3) Packing size (2pcs): 108 x 18.5 x 18cm
    4) N.W.: 4.7kg
    5) G.W.: 5.7kg
    6) Load bearing: less than 159kg

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